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One name stands out as a beacon of quality in the ever-changing world of sports media in Myanmar, where passion and accurate reporting converge: “90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal.” It is more than just a magazine; it is the expression of a passionate dedication to giving sports fans all throughout the country a thorough and engaging experience.

90 minutes myanmar sport journal
sport journal

The publication, which was founded in 2020, quickly carved out a space for itself by raising the bar for sports journalism in Myanmar. Its inception was characterized by a vision: a vision to do more than merely cover sports; it was to put readers at the center of the action and give them a sense of the game’s pulse.Ninety Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal is a testament to a team of committed journalists and reporters to the storytelling potential in sports. Beyond the scores and statistics, it tells stories that interest, inform, and connect with sports fans everywhere.

90 minutes myanmar sport journal:

We set out to explore the core values of 90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal in this introduction, including our dedication to accuracy, inclusivity, and our unwavering goal of giving Myanmar’s citizens a trustworthy source for the most recent sports news and analysis. Come along as we explore the exciting field of sports journalism, where every minute is more than simply a passing moment—every minute is a tale ready to be shared by the hardworking staff at 90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal.

Launching a New Era in Sports Journalism in Myanmar:

Vision and Goals The history of “90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal” started in 2020, when Myanmar’s sports media scene was in dire need of innovation. Inspired by their shared love of sports and journalism, the founders envisioned a platform that went beyond traditional reporting. Their goal was very clear: through their stories, they wanted to not only educate readers, but also put them right in the middle of every game and make every second spent on the field matter.

The newspaper was created to fill a void in the industry and aims to raise the bar for sports writing in Myanmar. Ninety Minutes set out to explore a nation where football is not simply a game but a cultural phenomenon intended to be more than just a news source; it wanted to be a friend for all sports fans.

Group of Specialists: The Designers of Athletic Storylines

A group of seasoned reporters and journalists with diverse backgrounds and expertise form the foundation of 90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal. This group of professionals goes above and beyond their traditional tasks to create captivating, instructive, and inspirational athletic storylines.

The team’s diversity is evidence of the journal’s dedication to offering a nuanced viewpoint on sports. The team, which includes seasoned sports analysts and journalists who have a remarkable talent for capturing the human tales hidden beneath the games, together creates a tapestry of content that goes beyond results and figures.

Every piece, whether it’s a thoughtful analysis, a report, or an in-depth look at the life of a local football icon, is expertly and meticulously constructed. The group is committed to serving the sports community as well as the media profession.

A Legacy of Excellence:

Founded in 2020, 90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal emerged with a noble mission: to revolutionize sports journalism by offering the people of Myanmar an unparalleled source of sports-related news, analyses, and vibrant match reports. From its inception, the journal has been relentless in its pursuit of excellence, setting new standards in sports journalism in Myanmar.

A Dedication to Sports Enthusiasts:

At its core, 90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal embodies a commitment to its audience. It boasts a seasoned team of journalists and reporters, each driven by an unyielding passion for sports. This dedicated team meticulously curates up-to-date news, insightful opinion pieces, and comprehensive match analyses, ensuring that every sports aficionado is kept engaged and informed.

Inclusivity and Accessibility:

One of the pillars of the journal’s ethos is inclusivity. Irrespective of backgrounds or interests, 90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal strives to make sports accessible to everyone in Myanmar. It stands as a beacon of unity, bridging diverse communities through the universal language of sports.

A Trusted Source:

Renowned for its accuracy and reliability, 90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal has earned unwavering trust among Myanmar’s sports enthusiasts. The journal has garnered recognition as a go-to platform for accurate, timely, and in-depth coverage of Myanmar’s major football leagues and competitions.

Setting the Standard:

By upholding an uncompromising commitment to journalistic integrity and excellence, 90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal sets the benchmark for sports journalism in Myanmar. Its dedication to delivering authentic and comprehensive coverage has propelled it to the forefront of the nation’s sports media landscape.


1. What inspired the founders to establish 90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal?

  • Answer: The founders were inspired by a shared passion for both sports and journalism. They aimed to create a platform that not only reported on matches but brought the audience closer to the heart of the game.
  • Answer: 90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal takes accuracy seriously. The team employs experienced journalists with a keen eye for detail, cross-references information from multiple sources, and maintains a commitment to journalistic integrity.

3. What sets 90 Minutes apart from other sports media outlets in Myanmar?

  • Answer: The journal distinguishes itself through its commitment to providing a comprehensive sports experience. It goes beyond scores and statistics, delving into the human stories, opinions, and cultural aspects intertwined with sports.

4. How does the team tailor content to the diverse interests of its audience?

  • Answer: The diverse team at 90 Minutes ensures a broad range of perspectives. They cover various aspects of sports, including match reports, opinion pieces, and features, appealing to a wide audience with diverse sporting interests.

5. Can readers contribute to 90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal?

  • Answer: While the primary content is curated by the experienced team, the journal encourages reader engagement. Readers can share their opinions, stories, and feedback, fostering a sense of community involvement.

6. How does the journal engage with the local sports community in Myanmar?

  • Answer: 90 Minutes actively engages with the local sports community through various initiatives. This includes coverage of local leagues, highlighting local talent, and participating in events that promote sports at the grassroots level.

7. What future plans does 90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal have for its readers?

  • Answer: The journal envisions continuous growth and improvement. Future plans may include expanding content offerings, introducing new features, and further engaging with the audience to meet evolving interests.

8. How does 90 Minutes contribute to the development of sports journalism in Myanmar?

  • Answer: By setting high standards in journalism and constantly pushing boundaries, 90 Minutes serves as a role model in the industry. The journal contributes to the development of sports journalism by inspiring others and fostering a culture of excellence.

9. Is 90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal only focused on football coverage?

  • Answer: While football holds a special place, the journal covers a spectrum of sports. It recognizes and celebrates the diversity of sporting interests, ensuring a well-rounded experience for readers.

10. How can readers stay updated with the latest content from 90 Minutes Myanmar Sport Journal?

  • Answer: Readers can stay updated through the journal’s website, social media platforms, and newsletter subscriptions. Regularly checking these channels ensures they don’t miss any of the latest sports-related news and analyses.


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